Venosa's art and writing have been the subject of three books - MANAS MANNA (Big O Publishing, London, 1978), NOOSPHERES (Pomegranate Artbooks, USA, 1991), ONE SOURCE, (Markowitz Publishing),and the upcoming ILLUMINATUS, co-authored with Terence McKenna.

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This book showcases the masterful artistry and fathomless vision of Robert Venosa. The text gives us a road map of his journey, but it is through his paintings - reproduced here in vivid color - that we catch a glimpse of the man and begin to understand the depth and passion of his life's work.

Celestial, mythological, fantastic, futuristic, surreal, erotic --words alone can not describe the infinite beauty of Venosa's creations. They must be experienced and savored, examined and re-examined, if one is to know their full impact.

The signed and numbered Limited Edition of 500 copies.
112 pp. 12 x 12 inches. Includes full-color reproductions of 95 paintings as well as color details, black-and-white graphics and photographs. Casebound, with dust jacket in a linen-bound slipcase.
Includes three signed and numbered limited edition prints.


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