The sculpture of Venosa seems to extrude directly from his oil paintings. Mindsend, for example, takes on
a 3-dimensional cloak in its translation from the oil painting of the same name (see Catalog).

Mindsend, available as a limited edition of 25 copies, is a 16"- high bronze with patina,
inlaid semi-precious stones, and is set on a 14" x 28", 3-tiered plexiglass base.

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We are happy to provide here the space for those artists whom we find outstanding and whose work
is deserved of as wide an audience as possible.

Martina Hoffmann, a German-born sculptor, painter, renaissance woman, enlightens our site- and your sight- with a selection of her unique 'Goddess' sculptures. Martina also shares some of her thoughts with us:"In my 3-dimensional work I like to explore the many faces and forms of the Goddess and the similarities that women share with these deities. "I've re-created these ancient archetypes as a reminder of a time when life was considered sacred and the feminine principle was celebrated as miraculous. The planet could use a little more feminine energy right now to bring back the balance. Working the clay allows me to create the silence out of which all balance is born."

- Grace -

- Goddess of Transformation -

- Artemis Eileithyia -

- Sphinx -

- Venus -

- Arched Angel -

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